Early LifeEdit

Taroza was born to an unknown mother, on Earth, which is strange, for Humans, as a whole, find no home on Animal Land. He is set afloat in a basket with the infinity sign, and a slip of paper with his name. He is later found, by Monoko, a female Tanuki, who grows tobecome a brave motherly figure. He learns to walk at the end of the 2nd bookEdit


Seven year old version of Taroza, on the cover of the 3rd book, being bitten by Capri!


Because of his ability to communicate with all of the animals, he starts a rather large village, finishing a bridge at the end of the 4th book. He expresses interest in Capri, one of the Female humans, who lives with the lions. He devises many battles strategies, and has a flute, that hurts carnivore's ears. Also, he held the first festival ,after being introduced to rhythm and dancing by Kurokagi. At this festival, he invented Wine, and later invented Cheese, winning over the friendship of the lions.

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